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Sterling Hts Stevenson clips - State Championship
game time!!

td catch by Anderson
rush by Breen
tackle by Bartholemew and DeHaan
sack by Kitler and Amey
td catch by Rauser
wrap draw to O'Rourke

rush by Powell
special teams tackle by Haglund

South Lyon clips - Game 13 - Playoffs Semifinals
forced fumble by Navitskas
tackle by Kitler
qb pressure by Lester; int by Anderson
Klukowski to Rauser
Grand Blanc clips - Game 12 - Playoffs
Klukowski to Anderson

td run by Klukowski
rush by Osborn

wrap draw to O'Rourke
fumble recovery by Rauser

pat by Kamphuis
tackle by Lester

T.C. West clips - Game 11 - Playoffs
Klukowski to Anderson

sack by Kitler
Klukowski to Rauser

td rec. by Breen
wrap draw to Osborn

KO tackle by Mack
Grandville clips - Game 10 - Playoffs
game saving stop

42 yd int. return by Sherd
game winning td to VanSetters
Coach Munger
Zeeland clips - Game 9
interception by Rauser
rushing td by O'Rourke
Hudsonville clips - Game 8
rush by O'Rourke
tackle by Lester, Kitler
East Kentwood clips - Game 6
fumble recovery by Lindrup

fg by Kamphuis
td run by Breen

td run by Salter
FH Central clips - Game 5
tackle by Westcott and Zoppa
Klukowski to Breen
Grandville clips - Game 4
td run by Osborn
Klukowski to Anderson
Forest Hills Northern clips - Game 3
wrap draw to O'Rourke
pat by Kamphuis
rush by Powell
tackle by Haines
West Ottawa clips - Game 2
rush by Clark
backfield tackle by Lindrup
Brighton clips - Game 1
sack by Amey
Klukowski to Anderson
Klukowski to VonEschen
fg by Kamphuis